What to Expect With Your LGBT Divorce in Houston

same sex couple fight lgbt divorce attorney houston tx

When you and your partner got married, you thought you’d be married forever. Most people do. Despite the divorce statistics being what they are, nobody gets married expecting to turn around and get divorced a few years later. So, when the time comes when you decide to file for divorce, it’s good to know what…

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Can You Get Your LGBT Marriage Annulled in Houston, Texas?

can you get your lgbt marriage annulled in houston, texas?

In this country, we hear an awful lot about divorce, but we don’t hear a lot about annulments. Years ago, it seemed like an annulment was a threat to any young couple who married without letting their parents know. However, annulments are alive and well in Houston, Texas. They’re also a lot different than a…

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How is Child Custody Handled in a LGBT Divorce?

how is child custody handled in a lgbt divorce?

For years, LGBT couples fought to get gay marriage legalized. Once they succeeded – after a long and arduous battle- the inevitable happened. LGBT couples realized they now had to deal with divorce just like other married couples. As anyone knows, a good percentage of marriages end in divorce. It’s a fact. This is no…

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