Texas Adoption FAQ for the LGBTQA+ Community

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Questions such as, do I need an attorney, why is it so hard to adopt, and can the couple change their minds, are common. These questions always make it exceptionally discouraging for LGBT couples to adopt because everything seems like a major hurdle. Take a moment to have calm down because you’re getting a flash…

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How to Start the Adoption Process within the LGBT Community

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Although it’s 2020, there is still plenty of stigmas all over the country. Unfortunately, Texas can be particularly difficult to navigate when it comes to legal matters, family elements, and LGBT community involvement. What usually happens is adoption agencies claim to be the best source for adoptions, and then the LGBT community is simply shut…

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Using Adoption to Remove Parental Rights

using adoption to remove parental rights

Can you use adoption to terminate or remove parental rights? If you’re looking out for a small child in your life that may be in an abusive or dangerous situation, then this question is a concerning one. Adoption secures full termination of all parental rights, and it is possible for the court system or legal…

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What is the Best Age to Adopt a Child?

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The age considerations when adopting revolve around two realms. First, your age and what you can handle and second, the child’s age and also, what you can handle. No one is expecting nearly retired couples to take on newborns, while there may be some concern with a 21-year-old adopting a teenager. Are there restrictions or…

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How Often Can I Change My Will?

change your will

Everyone’s will needs the occasional update. Your financial situation, living situations, and end-of-life desires might change over just a few months or years. As you increase or decrease your assets or move locations you might consider a change to your will. But, how often can you do this and is there a limit on how…

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Do You Get Paid to Foster a Child in Texas?

paid to foster

As an LGBTQ adoption attorney will tell you, fostering children can be a rewarding experience. It’s the chance to make a real difference in a young person’s life while filling your home as well. The struggle is that many people feel that they can’t financially take the burden of another child or multiple children. It’s…

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Can I Adopt My Partner’s Biological Child in Houston?

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For LGBT couples, having children the old-fashioned way isn’t really an option. If they want to start a family, they have to look at the alternatives – adoption, in vitro fertilization or surrogacy. The most common way to start a family for LGBT couples is adoption. Typically, they consider the traditional route, using a domestic…

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