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Whether it’s traditional adoptions, second-parent adoptions or same-sex parent adoption, the LGBTQ+ Lawyers at the E&W Law Firm has assisted lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender couples with the adoption process.


We are here to ensure you get justice and your rights are protected.

Houston LGBTQ Family Law Attorneys

Now that same-sex marriage is legal in Texas, family law attorneys are seeing more and more LGBTQ clients who need their services. Just because same-sex couples had to wait until 2017 to get married doesn’t mean their marriages are perfect. They face the same issues that traditional married couples do.

The same is true of LGBTQ+ clients who want to adopt a child. The Texas adoption process can be confusing for anyone. When you compound it with the issues facing LGBTQ parents, it can be quite intimidating. This is why E&W Law Firm has decided it’s important to have an attorney who is an expert at helping LGBTQ clients in Houston, Texas.


Houston LGBTQ+ Adoption Lawyers

At Eddington & Worley, we are committed to assisting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender couples in Houston with all aspects of family law.

Our biggest passion is helping LGBT couples with the adoption process.  We clearly understand the challenges same-sex couples encounter when adopting a child.  LGBTQ+ couples do not have to face these challenges alone.

We are here to help you navigate the legal process, which can seem overwhelming.  We are well versed in traditional adoptions and second-parent adoption.

LGBT couples looking to expand their family and provide a loving home to a child are encouraged to call Eddington & Worley today!

Houston LGBTQ+ Divorce Attorneys

Since the legalization of same-sex couples in June 2015, any same-sex couple who desires to marry in Texas can do so by simply obtaining a marriage license and by fulfilling the legal process of marriage. And just like same-sex couples are now free to marry, same-sex couples are also equally free to get a divorce if their relationship does not work out.

However, just like divorce cases are often complicated for heterosexual couples, they can be equally complicated for same-sex couples. If you are in a same-sex marriage and are contemplating divorce, you need to contact a Houston gay divorce attorney to find out the exact process.

Our goal is to provide you with the best legal representation, and whether your divorce is contested or uncontested, we will be with you throughout the course of your divorce proceedings.


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We will
Fight For Your Rights
no matter your gender or
sexual orientation.