What to Expect With Your LGBT Divorce in Houston

When you and your partner got married, you thought you’d be married forever. Most people do. Despite the divorce statistics being what they are, nobody gets married expecting to turn around and get divorced a few years later. So, when the time comes when you decide to file for divorce, it’s good to know what to expect. Your LGBT divorce attorney in Houston, TX has handled many same-sex divorce cases. So many people were so excited that they were finally allowed to get married that some couples jumped into it feet first. The problem is, they didn’t really think the decision through.

If you and your spouse have decided that getting married maybe wasn’t the best decision, it’s okay. People get divorced. If you’ve decided to join the ranks of the divorced in the LGBT community, call and speak with an experienced LGBT divorce attorney. They can guide you through the process and protect your rights while doing so.

Here are a few things to expect if you’re working toward an same-sex divorce in Houston, Texas.

You’re Entitled to the Same Property Rights as a Straight Married Couple

You and your spouse are going to acquire property while you’re married. Sure, there are some couples who are married for such a short period of time, they don’t have any property. But most couples buy some assets together. It could be a house, car or even timeshare. When you get divorced, these things have to be divided up between you and your spouse. Your Houston LGBT divorce lawyer will make sure your property rights are protected during the divorce.

Your Out of State Premarital Agreement May Still Trump

Some LGBT couples moved to Texas in order to get legally married. However, they may have enjoyed a civil union in some other state. If you and your partner signed a prenuptial agreement somewhere other than Texas, you can expect the courts in Texas to uphold your agreement. The courts try to be liberal in treating common law marriages and other agreements between LGBT couples because divorce is new to the LGBT community. Just as marriage was three or four years ago.

Common Law LGBT Marriage Rights Don’t Last Forever

Some LGBT couples relied on something called common law marriage since same-sex marriage wasn’t legal for such a long time. Some people think that their common law rights hold up indefinitely. This isn’t true. If you and your common law partner have been separated for more than two (2) years, there’s a good chance your judge won’t uphold your common law marriage. Once two years go by, your common law marriage is usually considered null and void. Don’t expect to enjoy any property rights if you’ve been separated for quite a while.

The Divorce Process is More Straight-Forward Than You May Think

Some people expect the divorce process to be long and arduous. And, for some couples, it is. However, if you’ve only been married a few years, the process probably won’t be that difficult. Chances are, you don’t have children or a ton of assets. Divorces in these types of situations are a lot more straight-forward than many people think. Your divorce could be finalized within a year of filing. If you and your partner are mature about the whole thing, your Houston LGBT divorce lawyer should be able to wrap the matter up in a few months.

If You Have Children, It Will Be More Complicated

If you and your partner have children together, your divorce will be more complicated. Your Houston LGBT divorce lawyer will have to work out a custody arrangement. They’ll also have to negotiate child support with your ex’s divorce lawyer. If they’re not able to do this amicably, your divorce could be drawn out and complicated.

Contact an Experienced LGBT Divorce Attorney in Houston, TX Now

If you’ve decided to file for divorce in Houston, Texas, you need help. Even if you’ve only been married for a few years, you still have to make sure your rights are protected. An experienced LGBT divorce lawyer in Houston can guide you through the process. They’ll make sure your assets are protected. They’ll also help craft a custody arrangement if you have children.

Call and schedule your initial consultation with an experienced LGBT divorce attorney in Houston, TX today. They’ll sit down and answer any questions you may have. They can also stand by you throughout the entire divorce process.

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