What is the Law in Texas Regarding Discrimination Against LGBT Adoptive Parents?

A few years ago, Texas finally caught up with many other states in the country by legalizing same-sex marriage. And, while it seemed like a giant victory for the LGBT community in Houston, it didn’t mean the end for discrimination against would-be LGBT parents. Adoption agencies have always been less willing to help LGBT couples adopt a child. Some come right out and say they won’t work with LGBT couples. Others find quasi-legitimate reasons for denying your petition. Either way, they make it very difficult for LGBT prospective parents to adopt a child. This is why so many people turn to experienced LGBT adoption lawyers in Houston.

For years, it has been assumed that a lot of adoption agencies are uncomfortable approving adoptions for LGBT couples. This is especially true for any Christian or religious adoption agencies. They may have been afraid to come right out and say that they were denying an application because the candidates were gay or lesbian. Instead, they came up with other reasons for why their application had been denied. For example, they may have claimed that the candidates just weren’t a good fit. Or maybe they said they didn’t have a child available for the adoptive couple. At the end of the day, this resulted in LGBT couples seeking endlessly for an agency willing to help them start a family.

Even if their LGBT adoption lawyer knew that there was discrimination involved, it can be impossible to prove. And, what do you really achieve by proving they were being discriminatory? Nothing. It isn’t going to change the fact that the adoption application had been turned down. Sadly, the recent laws in Texas have made it even easier for religious organizations to deny adoption applications to LGBT couples.

Adoption Agencies in Texas Can Now Legally Discriminate Against LGBT Couples

In June of 2017, the Governor of Texas signed a bill that allows adoption agencies and state welfare agencies to discriminate based on religious beliefs. This means that they are now allowed to deny adoptions based on the applicant’s religion or sexual orientation. The same is true for their ability to deny someone as a foster parent. For example, if you and your partner applied to foster a child, you can be denied simply because you’re gay.

The law was intended to protect children, according to its proponents. The Governor simply stated that the law protects the agency’s rights to follow their religious beliefs when it comes to placing children with families for adoption or foster care. The bill promised to offer alternate routes of adopting a child to people who had been denied under the act. However, that hasn’t really been the case. There are no special services available to LGBT couples who are denied the right to adopt or foster a child in Houston. This is why there has been further challenges to the law this past year. Sadly, nothing has changed.

How Can a Skilled LGBT Adoption Attorney Assist You and Your Partner?

No matter how good your LGBT adoption attorney is, they can’t change the law. You have to work within the parameters of the laws in Texas. So, while they can’t force an adoption agency to work with you, they can refer you to agencies that are friendly toward LGBT adoption applicants. They can also petition the local agencies to approve your application for foster care.

Keep in mind – even if you have an experienced LGBT adoption lawyer in Houston helping you, you still have to complete the process. You need to pass the background checks and home study.

Let an Experienced LGBT Adoption Lawyer in Houston Help

If you and your partner have been denied an adoption application, you may need to call our office. Our team of experienced LGBT adoption lawyers in Houston may be able to help. We have years of helping our LGBT clients find the ideal child to adopt. Sometimes, this means we refer our clients to adoption agencies willing to work with LGBT couples. Or, we may suggest alternative ways of finding a child to adopt. Either way, our attorneys understand the process and know what hurdles you’re up against. They also realize that these hurdles have gotten taller now that the law in Texas has changed. Call today and set up a time to come in and meet with your LGBT adoption lawyers. They can sit down and go over your options with you.

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