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Children of LGBT Couples

Studies Show That Children of LGBT Couples Are Just as Happy as Children in a Traditional Family

January 24, 2020

One of the criticisms people who opposed LGBT couples adopting children is that the kids will suffer. Even in this day and age, people still argue that kids who grow up with same-sex parents are at a detriment. Despite research showing that children of LGBT couples are just as happy as children of straight couples,…

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What is the Law in Texas Regarding Discrimination Against LGBT Adoptive Parents?

January 14, 2020

A few years ago, Texas finally caught up with many other states in the country by legalizing same-sex marriage. And, while it seemed like a giant victory for the LGBT community in Houston, it didn’t mean the end for discrimination against would-be LGBT parents. Adoption agencies have always been less willing to help LGBT couples…

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Two lesbians kissing their adopted daughter

Can I Adopt My Partner’s Biological Child in Houston?

January 2, 2020

For LGBT couples, having children the old-fashioned way isn’t really an option. If they want to start a family, they have to look at the alternatives – adoption, in vitro fertilization or surrogacy. The most common way to start a family for LGBT couples is adoption. Typically, they consider the traditional route, using a domestic…

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LGBT Couples Trying to Adopt

What are the Laws in Texas Regarding Children and LGBT Couples?

December 24, 2019

For years, LGBT couples had to fight in order to have the right to marry in Texas. People in the LGBT community in Texas watched other LGBT couples get married in other states. Finally, in June of 2015, the courts in Texas made same-sex marriage legal. But that didn’t mean LGBT couples would share the…

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same sex couple fight lgbt divorce attorney houston tx

What to Expect With Your LGBT Divorce in Houston

December 14, 2019

When you and your partner got married, you thought you’d be married forever. Most people do. Despite the divorce statistics being what they are, nobody gets married expecting to turn around and get divorced a few years later. So, when the time comes when you decide to file for divorce, it’s good to know what…

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Does it Matter if You’re Married or Single for LGBT Adoption in Texas?

If You’re an LGBT Parent Looking to Adopt in Texas, Does it Matter if You’re Married or Single?

December 2, 2019

One of the first questions a lot of LGBT people ask when it comes to adoption is – can I adopt a child if I’m single? Texas LGBT adoption lawyers are used to hearing this question. You’d be surprised at how many single people are actually interested in adopting a child. Perhaps they haven’t found…

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